About us

My name is Leesa Barrett and I have been in horticulture all my life. Since I was a child I have been interested in plants and, thanks to my family, I was encouraged to pursue it as a career. I went to college to learn more after leaving school and my first job was at a large cut flower nursery on the south coast. I then spent 5 years on a herb and alpine nursery as propagation supervisor and the next 18 years working for one of the largest young shrub producers in the country, having worked my way up to part of the management team.

My interest and love of the pretty alpine plants has stayed with me throughout and my addiction to propagating too! What started as a hobby 18 years ago has slowly turned into a small business.

I currently grow over 300 varieties (including~ 100 named varieties of sempervivum) of alpine plants in varying quantities, mostly in 9cm pots. At least 95% of my stock is propagated by myself.

I sell mainly at my local farmers market (Chichester and Petworth) and garden shows in West Sussex, Hampshire and recently Dorset, some of which are under the umbrella of East Ashling Nurseries (my uncle and aunt's nursery). I am also happy to have visitors but, unfortunately at the moment, only by appointment. I have recently been sending some alpine plants by mail order (U.K. mainland only) a small selection of which, is available on ebay. Please visit my eBay page or if you can’t find what you’re looking for so please get in touch.


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